Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Copy item path as a shortcut in Mac

In Windows, there are some utilities that give you the options to copy the path of any folder or file by right-clicking the file.

I tried to get the same functionality on Mac but didn't find any programs. So I searched more a found a decent way in order to achieve this. There is a thing where we can have a clickable option on the right click of the item and copy its path.

So, let's get started. :)

  1. Launch Spotlight Search and type automator

  2. Select the Service (gear icon) and click Choose.

  3. Search for Copy to clipboard in the search box and drag the item to the right-hand box.
  4. Select Files or Folders from the first drop down and Finder in the second drop down.

  5. Now press Command + S in order to save this and give a name, save it.

  6. Now you can go to any folder, right-click the folder/item and copy its path.

Happy coding. :)

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