Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Glance Lock Screen, new sensation in lock screen department

Hey guys, I am back with one more great app.

The app is Glance Lock Screen. Yeah I know, you guys might b thinking, not again, one more lock screen, but believe me guys this lock screen is one of the best for FingerPrint Secured mobiles.

You might ask whats unique in this, we have lots and lots of lockscreens that supports the fingerprint strategy to access the mobile, whats great in this. So let me tell you one thing the finger print security in this app doesn't gets asked after the swipe, which in turn means as soon as you take out the mobile you can place the finger on the finger print scanner and the phone gets unlocked its not like that you have to firstly swipe then use finger print to unlock.

Also one more feature is that the app gives you new info over a period of time every time you want to unlock the device. Also the app has the functionality to show the notifications in hidden as well as normal mode. So if you choose the hidden mode the notifications title is shown and not the content whereas in normal mode title as well the content is shown whenever the new notification arrives.

The setup is pretty straight forward, you have to install the app and have to give the permission to draw over other apps, notification access to get the notification content on to the lock screen and boom, the setup is done.

By default all the apps show the notification but we can select the apps that might not get shown in the application.

I have attached some of the snapshots to give you guys an idea about the app. Here are the snapshots.

Now the setup is ready the app is good to go.

Hope you guys like the app, please comment, like, share and do subscribe.

Happy coding.


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