Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wifi router speed issues and solutions

I have been working lately in my laptop (while connected to wifi) and suddenly the internet becomes very slow. I have tested the speed of internet using the The result of speedtest was awesome and I thought it might be the case with my laptop since it is running from 2 days (not continuously, uses hibernates when need to stop working, ;) ) let us restart the machine and then will look again on the issue. But surprisingly the issue didn't solved, then I called the ISP provider call center and have scheduled a time for next day when their engineer might come and look in to the issue.

Okay, next day the engineer came and before saying anything he took my laptop and used some of the commands like:
  • ping
  • ping
to see that the net is working or not. He shown me the result saying sir there is no loss in the packets.

I was also confused how this is possible I am unable to play a single youtube video without buffering even when my internet speed package is 40 mbps plan which is pretty descent to run youtube videos in HD.

Then I started searching the internet that what is the issue and came to know that since Wifi is a machine that works in radio waves, there may be chances that other systems might be interfering in the signals of the router and so you might face some of the issues. The solutions are pretty simple and here are some of them what I got from internet.
  1. Don't place the router near to TV, Sound Systems, Microwaves or anything that is capable of creating the Radio waves and might be responsible to interfere in the signals of your router.
  2. Place the router somewhere at top, since it is tested that the signals never broadcast parallel to the position of router rather they actually circulate and go down after some distance so if you place the router at some where which is at more height than it might be the case that you can get better connectivity at the corners of your house.
  3. Check the interference of the signals with the help of an Android program named Wifi Analyser that analyses all the wifi signals in both the bands (2.4ghz, 5ghz) under all channels, and then decide which channel is best suited for your router to work properly. The output of the wifi analyser is somewhat looks like this:

    Now this is pretty confusing but let me give you a brief explanation that this is actually showing all the wifi signals that you are receiving in your area and all the channels under which the wifi routers are broadcasting their signals. Most of the wifi routers work at the auto mode of channels so this application tells you which signal is best for your router to work so that you can change the settings of your router from the settings page that you can get at
I actually did all these and the problem never gets solved. At last I came to know that the solution of these situations are either you gets shifted to places where there is less congestion that is next to impossible or you have to change your router, this means change the router and get the one that has high frequency meaning 5 ghz. Since my router works on 2.4 ghz and there are too many routers that are working in the same frequency I am getting the issues but if you change your router there are very chances that you might get the interference since very few people takes 5 ghz router. 

So for all of you, you can follow some of the above steps to get the problem solved or either get the new router with 5 ghz frequency, their might be the case that you can get the same problem in 5 ghz router as well but chances are very low.

Hope you guys enjoyed my info, sorry but there is no solution I got that worked for me, that's why I have given the solution which is not that feasible but its ok :)

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