Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Installing Keepass with a plugin in Ubuntu

Today I want to tell you guys how can we install Keepass in Ubuntu.

Although this is pretty basic tutorial but I  have faced some of the issues while installing it in Ubuntu OS.
  1. Install Keepass using the Ubuntu Software Center
         For this just open the Ubuntu Software Center (USC), and type Keepass. Install it by giving the password and accepting the terms if you have been asked for it.
  2. Now since we are in Linux OS the plugins didn't worked by default. This is because the plugins comes with dll's which are not supported in Linux. 
  3. For the above point you have to install mono framework in Linux. For that go to terminal and type the following command:
         sudo apt-get install mono-complete
  4. Give the password and it will install the mono framework in Linux.
  5. Now the Keepass is up and the required frameworks are up too.
  6. So now download the respective keepass plugin, say KeepassHttp, so download its plgx file.
  7. Copy it to the directory where keepass.exe (mostly in usr/lib/keepass2) is there and restart the Keepass
There is a feature in Keepass that you can autotype (autofill) in the website's login and password box, by pressing CTRL + V after selecting the entry. In case of Windows the package responsible for the auto fill is available by default, but in case of Linux and Mac we have to explicitly installs it.

For that,

  1. in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install xdotool
  2. In Fedora , sudo yum install xdotool
  3. In Mac, sudo port install xdotool

This will start the keepass and also the plugin is installed. 


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