Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Robomongo for interacting with Mongo DB

Hello Friends, today we are going to look for the tool that is very simple and easy to use with Mongo Db.

The tool is Robomongo (link here).

Here are the simple steps to install it on Windows Machine.
  1. Download the archive from the website

  2. Extract it to a specific folder of your choice.

  3. Go inside the folder and start Robomongo.exe

  4. On the first page you are asked to create/edit  a profile to connect to the mongo db.
  5. Click create, give the name of the connection (this is actually a name and doesn't effect the overall connection), the address to which the mongo db is running and the port on which mongo db is running.

  6. Save the connection profile and select it on the next screen.

  7. If every thing went well, you will get the non empty left panel like this.

  8. Done
You can add your Mongo Db Server shortcut in path variable to make sure that you can easily use the Mongo Db commands anywhere, please refer here for setting a program in path in Windows. 

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