Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yay, consolidated links for free movies, shows & songs and live tv and more.

Hey guys, I have found many apps and sites/apps that provides access to free movies, series, songs and live tv and frankly speaking, I am done writing about each app one by one, so all in all I am writing this post with the links as well as apps that you can install in your Android to get going, so without further due lets gets started.

Android Apps:
  1. Terrarium TV 
  2. CartoonHd
  3. Showbox
  4. Showitme
  5. Popcorntime
  6. cinemaboxhd
  7. newestmovieshd
  8. aphim app
Websites for movies
Websites/Apps for songs
  3. xtunes (English/Hindi)(App)
  4. fildo(English)(App)
Live TV Streaming Apps
Websites/Apps to download free apps
  1. Aptoide (Website/App)
  2. AppVn (Website/App)
  4. blackmart(App)
The list above is just a set of some of the sites/apps that provides you the free content. The installation of all the apps are possible only if you enable the installation from Unknown Sources under Security tab in your Android Phone. So make sure that you enable the same before doing the installation of any of the apps. 

Going forward I will tell you one more interesting stuff of downloading the videos from the above websites just by installing one app and that app will give you the link of all the videos that runs inside itself. So here we go.

The apps are AdBlocker Browser that can be found here and ADM that can be found here. Adblocker is important to surf the net without advs and ADM is like an IDM (Internet Download Manager) for Android. After installing these apps open any website with the video in Adblocker, and once the video starts playing, keep a finger over the video it will show you the popup to save/share the video. Now here is the hook, other apps like chrome browser/opera browser also supports the downloading of videos from the app, but they starts downloading in the default downloader that comes with Android. But that downloader is a bit slower in terms of download speed. So for that speed only we have installed ADM. Now once you get the popup click share button and share it via ADM. At this step ADM will get the link and you can start the download with quite a high speed just like IDM in PC

Attached the snapshots of AdBlocker and ADM collaboration. Please check them out and as always Happy Coding.

DISCLAIMER: This post is for informational purposes and I don't owe or is related with any of the above apps. Also I don't promote these apps. So its your personal decision of installing or using these apps.


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