Monday, December 19, 2016

FileChef, Download anything for free

Filechef, downloading anything for free. This program is not a program that hosts anything rather it creates a google query and that query itself is good enough to go deep in to servers of Google to return you best possible searches to get the direct links to the files.


FileChef is basically a program that gives you direct links to the files that are available on the net. Although the searches are not to be 100% working but gives pretty descent links and since they are direct links you need not to worry about torrents illegality or anything like that. There is a website and an app named Filechef. The website is available here and the app can be downloaded from the play store here.


Coming to downloading of the app, since the app is available in the play store so you can download it directly from the playstore and installs it in the mobile.


Installation is straight forward and one opening of the app, there is a section available that lets you choose the type of the file you want to download like software, movie, app, book etc and a text box to give your search query. After that press the search icon and boom it will open a web page with the query formed on the basis of options you gave and the page will have the google search. You can open any link the same way you search something else in the google.

Place your search query and enjoy.

I hope you guys might have liked the app. So enjoy it and Happy Coding :)


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  4. Was nice but off late, I can't use it. It d? won't open to serve my purpose, it's so annoying and frustrating!