Monday, December 12, 2016

Fildo, get me and get all the songs free

Yeah yeah, I know, I am pretty late, infact too much late in writing this, but since since we can't change that so lets get started with the new app named Fildo.

Lets break out this app in following parameters:

  1. Description
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. App Screens


    This app is useful if you are a musical guy, if you want to get the mp3's of English songs and don't want to spend your bandwidth again and again in listening those songs from online music services like Gaana, Saavna and many more. This app lets you download the English songs and that too in MP3 version so that you can listen them in any player of your choice


     This app can be downloaded from the site given above or apk version directly from here. Since this app is rejected by the Google play store for the pretty obvious reason of giving the songs as free, so you can't get it there. Also because this app is not getting downloaded from the play store you need to enable a special setting in the Settings of your phone to let install the Apk from untrusted sources as this one.
 Note: Enabling the installation unknown sources is a risky step, so be very careful in installing the apps that are trustworthy or is coming from trusted sources, but yeah the step is required to install these type of programs which are good enough but are removed from the play store due to very obvious reasons.


    Installation of this app is pretty straight forward like other apps, but needs an extra step of enabling installation from unknown sources. For enabling that follow :
  • Go to settings -> Security & Fingerprint and enable Unknown sources by saying yes when asks for confirmation 
  • Now go to folder where the Apk, is downloaded (mostly in Downloaded folder) and open the apk
  • Follow the wizard and install the app
  • Now go to Settings  - Apps - Fildo - Permissions - Give only storage 
  • Now come to Home Screen and open Fildo and wait for some time to till the waiting bar is rotating 
  • Once the app shows you some of the albums drag the screen from left hand side and that screen contains the Search bar, type the name of the song or else name of the Album or name of the star and press enter in your keyboard
  • Let it search for sometime and boom you have the song that can be downloaded
  • Choose a file to get downloaded by the 3 dots visible in front of the songs


Settings screen with app screens.

 Also you can change the directory structure under which your mp3's will gets downloaded, That is available under the Configurations menu of the app,  So tweak that according to your own understandings of the folder structure and and comes back making it save the changes.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the overall explanation of the App so please let me know, by comments like, share and every damn thing available to share.

Thanks all,
Happy Coding.



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