Monday, December 19, 2016

Aptoide, playstore to have free apps

Hey Guys, today we will talk about an app named Aptoide. This app is actually a play store to give you access to many of the paid apps for free. And again you guessed it right, you can't find this on play store due to obvious reasons.

Lets break this post in following:

  1. Description
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. App Screens

    As I already told you all that this app is basically a play store that offers many paid apps of Google Play Store for free. Now you may ask what about the authenticity of the app that will be downloaded then I can tell you that Aptoide servers have the inbuilt security to scan all the apps that are posted by any user and the app should go through from a number of tests to make sure that app is clean and is ready to be used.

The app itself comes as an APK as well as have the website.


    You can find the website here  and find the android app here

Create a free account in Aptoide and after installing the apk in the phone, login with the same credentials you have created an account with. The installation is straight forward after you enable the installation from Unknown Sources.

Now after login you can search for any app and checks for the authenticity of the app by looking at the top right corner in both android app and website. If the sign says INSTALL with GREEN color, you are good to go. (Please see the app screens for more info.)


For Zooper Widget pro, you are seeing that TRUSTED (Green) icon so, that means this app can be installed without a worry. Now since it is already installed in my mobile that's why it is saying OPEN. But for you it will show INSTALL in case you don't have the app installed.

If you have the rooted phone then you might give the app SU access and by giving that it is able to install the apps automatically without you being clicking on INSTALL for every app, same as normal APK you downloads and INSTALLS .

Also if you see this same app in Play store here you will see that the app costs Rs. 185.00 /-. So enjoy the app and install some apps free for your testing.

Note: I don't support this app, this post is just for the informational purposes.

Enjoy the app and Happy Coding, :).


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