Friday, August 19, 2016

Dango - the dragon for the gifs and emoticons

Hello guys, I am back with a whole new app named Dango, here.

Now coming to the usage of this app, the app provides you the emoticons and gifs based on the word you type. The catch here is that it doesn't restricts you to use any specific keyboard, like the Google or Swiftkey, rather it actually reads the input of the user and then calls the server to get the list of GIFS or emoticons that matches the word.

Here are some of the snapshots :

Now some of the key features of this app is that it converts the gifs into MP4 if the app does not support GIF animation as in case of whatsapp.

The app automatically downloads the mp4 version of the gif and sends it to the contact you are chatting with.

Now coming to the setup of the app the app asks for Accessibility setting for itself. You can find accessibility setting in Settings->Accessibility.

Here is the snapshot:

After giving the permission we are set to go. Just open any app where you want to type and the Dango Assistant will be there with the suggestions of the emoticons and gifs. Also there is one more option in the dango app where you can blacklist the apps in which you don't want to get disturbed.

Hope you guys like the app and please subscribe, share, comment and like the my page as well as channel.

Happy coding :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Terrrium, the Swiss knife of Series and Movies

Hey, all, I am back with new android app, that is too cool to be handled, and the name is Terrarium. 

Believe me guys its really a Swiss knife for Movies and Series.

This app is not available in Play store, so can install it by suppressing the setting for unknown sources installation and downloading the Terrarium app from the site,

Download the apk and install it.

Prerequisites to installation:
  • Allowing unknown sources to get installed in the mobile
    • For this please follow following.
      • Settings -> Security and FingerPrint ->Unknown Sources, this is with respect to One Plus 3 View
      • As soon as you want to enable them, android system will show you the warning about the stuff that this is not good and blah blah, ignore it and just enable it.

After the above condition is done, please open the apk that you downloaded before and install it by following the wizard.

And, ta da......the app is ready to use, and I can say its by far one of the most simple app I have ever used.
  • There are 2 sections of the app
    1. Series
    2. Movies
  • You can search in the specific section for a specific series/movies, bookmarks them and can browse them in future.
The app view is like this:

You can search the series/movies, bookmark them like:

Almost every series is available with all the seasons in here is the most important thing that you can even select the resolution in which you want to watch the episode with subtitles. Yes you heard it correct we can watch the seasons in our own preference of the resolution and that too without having hassle of finding the matched subtitles and all.

The app itself gives the option to download as well as stream the content directly without downloading the video.

All though you need the MX Player, to see the stream-able link because the app by default streams the content via MX Player.

I was pretty surprised the first time I have used the app. I can tell you guys that this app is too good to follow the series, and also a blessing for series lovers, who don't want to waste the time in collecting the seasons or viewing them as a stream-able content.

Go try it.

I hope you guys have liked the app.