Monday, April 13, 2015

Installing a plugin in a Linux Machine

Hello Friends lets take a small example of installing the plugin in a Linux Machine.
  1. Checking whether the plugin is installed or not.
  2. sudo yum list installed | grep <plugin_name>
         This will give you the list of plugins that are currently installed in your machine with the name you gave. This search would be local, i.e the search would be based on the plugins that are installed in the machine not the one present in cloud repository of the Linux
  3. Checking the repository for the specified plugin.
    sudo yum list | grep <plugin_name>
    This will list out all the plugins that are available for installations. Now pick the specific plugin and type
  4. Install the plugin
    sudo yum -y install <plugin_name_came_in_last_command>
  5. -y option is for auto yes when ask for confirmation

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